On-Vessel Networks: Frequencies and Identities

Maritime customers often ask what frequencies and network identities they can use for their on-vessel networks. Frequencies and network identities are completely separate questions, but both are determined by where you are. Network Identities Quick technical background: What is a network identity? The network identity is a 5- or 6-digit code that identifies a cellular […]

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Private LTE/5G Networks Around the World

This article is about the state of the LTE/5G private network market, world-wide. From a regulation standpoint, there are two types of private networks: true private network – Installed and operated independently by the owner. This requires the owner to have legal access to spectrum, and there are several ways that can happen. pseudo-private network

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This post describes the operation of the MTC Physical Downlink Control Channel (MPDCCH) for sending downlink assignments and uplink grants to the client device. Purpose of the MPDCCH In LTE-M, radio resources assignments (the times and frequencies when a device is expected to receive or transmit) are dynamic, for both downlink (“DL”, network to device)

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