Innovative Radio Access Networks
Legba provides profitable, low-energy, low-bandwidth, redundant 2.5G/4G radio access network equipment.

The SatSite Model 142 base station combines the flexibility of SDR with YateBTS for 2.5G and YateENB for 4G.

Together with the YateUCN™, Legba delivers the first software-defined mobile network in the industry.
Feb 22, 2016
SS7ware, Inc. joins Facebook-led Telecom Infra Project...
Lab Kit
The Lab Kit is a 2.5G all in one network-in-a-box solution for mobile network operator labs, M2M application development, mobile phone vendors, academics and security researchers.

SatSite Model 142
The SatSite Model 142 mobile network base station can operate as a complete 4G LTE eNodeB or as a 2.5G GSM/GPRS BTS+BSC, at a maxim power output of 20 Watts.

Core network
We work with SS7ware to provide a complete GSM/GPRS/LTE core network server (YateUCN) intended for new GSM/LTE networks or for extending existing GSM or LTE networks.