Innovative Radio Access Networks
Legba provides profitable, low-energy, low-bandwidth, redundant 2.5G/4G radio access network equipments.

Our SatSite base station combines the flexibility of SDR with YateBTS for 2.5G and YateENB for 4G.

Together with YateUCN™, Legba delivers the first software-defined mobile network.
Oct 6, 2015
SS7ware to attend ITU Telecom World 2015 in Budapest, October 12 to 15...
YateBTS Lab Kit
YateBTS Lab Kit is a 2.5G all in one network-in-a-box solution for mobile network operator labs, M2M application development, mobile phone vendors and academics.


SatSite is a 2.5G outdoor macrocell base station for rural and urban areas.

SatSite is software-upgradable to LTE for free, through YateENB, an all-software implementation of a 4G eNodeb.

Core network
We work with SS7ware to provide a complete 2G/4G Unified Core Network™ server intended for new GSM/LTE networks or for extending existing GSM networks.